Keyboard Art School of Music is in Wrightwood, CA . We offer piano lessonsvoice lessons,  violin lessons, harp lessons, drum lessons and guitar lessons.  Instruction is available from Chet Noll, Tristan Sherman, Gayle Dowling, Tony Eggnozzi, Rodger Whitten, Jerry Ripley, and Stephanie Santos-Owens.  Art classes are offered by Gayle Dowling and Wan Chang-Hamachi.  

Our Story

Chet moved to Wrightwood in 1993 and established the Keyboard Art studio.  In 2002 Chet met Joyce and soon thereafter Joyce became Chet's wife and the "Official Scheduler" of the studio. Keyboard Art has grown steadily over the years.  Eventually, success created long waiting lists for potential students, so in 2014 we brought in more teachers. With the addition of teachers, we now offer a wide range of musical instrument and art instruction.