It is my dream to offer concerts 3 - 4 times annually, and bring classical and jazz musicians to Wrightwood, inspiring and enhancing our community. I’m confident that you will be moved and will love the classical performances we are providing.

But there is always the question of funding.  Any endeavor of this magnitude begins with a group of talented, available musicians as well as with a supportive community. Ticket sales cover a mere portion of the expenses involved.

 It goes without saying that we all have so many things to spend our money on these days that a donation in support of classical music performances is not always at the top of the list.  Still, music and the performing arts serve a greater purpose in our culture. Simply put, it is my belief that art should inspire! 

When you become a patron of Wrightwood Classical Concert Series (WCCS), you support the transformative power of classical music and extend the reach and visibility of music into our community. You help advance art and culture. You fortify our group with the resources to provide opportunities for our artists and the entire community.  

Without your support, the future of the classical series future is unknown.

I hope you will feel as I do, that sometimes giving a dollar or a dime toward such an artistic project can inspire transformation in oneself, others, and an entire community.

 Please donate today via PayPal below. 

Patron Levels:

Every Patron will receive a WCCS coffee mug and patron seating at every concert.

Solo                 $1  –  $50    

Duet               $51  –  $99                 

Trio              $100 – $149    1 ticket

Quartet        $150 – $199    1 ticket and Patron evening

Chamber      $200 – $299   2 tickets and Patron evening

Symphony    $300 – $499   4 tickets and Patron evening

Concerto     $500 plus       2 season tickets and Patron evening (excludes dinners)

Music draws us together because it is so meaningful and the opportunity to hear such talented musicians is an experience not to be missed! 

Thanks for supporting the arts in the town where we live.


Joyce Wonderly
Wrightwood Classical Concert Series