This website represents the collaborations of Chet Noll and Joyce Wonderly, partners in life, art and music.

You will find information on Keyboard Art School of Music, Fine Woodwork and Sculpture and Wrightwood Classical Concert Series tucked within it’s the pages.

We believe the creative process is important to our quality of life. It is our mission to bring music, movement and art to anyone interested, in the form of education, concerts and art pieces (in specific the Woodwork of Chet Noll).

Chet Noll, a native of the San Francisco Bay area spent many an hour with his father in the woodworking shop starting at the tender age of four and still has to this day the 12” saw horse his father made him. At age six he began studying piano and in 7th grade his project of choice for shop class was building a violin. His first butterfly was a Christmas gift for his mother when he was 12, he still uses the process developed then to create these works of beauty. During high school he earned extra money selling his wood and metal sculptures. He graduated with degrees in Keyboard Performance, Baroque Instrument Building, Music History and Literature, and supported himself during his college days by building harpsichords and teaching piano. After graduation he focused on creating butterfly and hummingbird sculptures which were exhibited and sold in galleries and gift shops throughout the United States. Teaching piano lessons has been one of his passions since college, as he is a teacher at heart.

Joyce Wonderly, a native of Michigan, has always loved art, whether it be in forms that Mother Nature presents or the creative minds of artists. At the age of 8, she began piano lessons, which led to her being the pianist for a small church in her then hometown of Bisbee, AZ. During high school she developed an appreciation and passion for Classical Music and in college she met Jazz, which she added to her list of passions.

After joining forces with Chet and moving to Wrightwood in 2002, she took over the management of The Keyboard Art Music Studio. In 2014 with the addition of other teachers, instruments and art, she renamed the studio Keyboard Art School of Music and continues as the school administrator. In 2015, she established The Wrightwood Classical Concert Series which is still active and presents 3-4 concerts of Classical Music or Jazz each year. Because of her strong belief in the importance of art and bringing it to the community, she is also Co-chair of Wrightwood Arts